170 Medical Drive
Hannibal, MO 63401
Ph: 573-231-0175
Fax: 573-231-0202



·        A family-centered environment. Because we specialize in outpatient surgery, we can devote more attention to you and your family members.

·        Easy access. PSC is easy to find and has convenient parking.

·        Committed to excellent service. Our high staff-to-patient ratio means decreased wait time for you; patients appreciate our simplified admissions process and discharge procedures.

·        Efficiency and expertise result from the volume and repeat performance of ophthalmology procedures performed at the center.

·        The “good health” factor. With emphasis on ophthalmology services, our environment provides less worry of contracting “other” illness.

·        State-of-the-art surgical equipment and the center’s layout are designed for the specialties of ophthalmology.

·         PSC physicians offer unmatched surgical expertise for this region.

·         PSC is your high quality, low cost, same day alternative to hospital surgery.

·                  PSC is Medicare certified, accredited by the AAAHC and licensed by the State of Missouri.


Contact:  Jenny Beeler LPN

Surgical Services Director

Phone :  573-231-0175